Trophy White-Tailed Deer Hunts

Trophy White-Tailed Deer Hunts

Our 5-Star Trophy White-Tailed Deer Hunts for the 2021-22 season are available NOW!

Location: Kerrville, Texas

5-Star Meals and Lodging are available in our 8,600 square foot Ranch House for $175.00/guest/night (see slideshow below).


Our deer herd was established over 15 years ago with genetics from more than 50 different South Texas and Northern Whitetails. These genetics today produce massive mainframe monster whitetail bucks with many of them scoring well into the 200’s. On average our bucks will range from 180-240 pounds. Due to their superior genetics and our feed program many of our typical framed bucks are very trashy, with lots of kickers, splits and often times throwing multiple drop tines.