Trophy 4-Horned Jacob Sheep Hunt ($1,450)

Trophy 4-Horned Jacob Sheep Hunt ($1,450)
Trophy 4-Horned Jacob Sheep Hunt ($1,450)
Trophy 4-Horned Jacob Sheep Hunt ($1,450)
Trophy 4-Horned Jacob Sheep Hunt ($1,450)

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Location: Kerrville, Texas
Price: $1,450.00
Security Deposit (50%): $725.00
5-Star Lodging & Meals: $175.00/Guest/Night
Lodging, meals & any card processing fees that may apply will be added to the final bill.

This super interesting looking sheep originated in the British Isles and was widespread by the 1600’s and 1700’s. Jacobs are small, horned, black and white sheep. Ewes weigh 80–120 pounds, and rams 120–180 pounds. The sheep are white with colored spots or patches. The colored portions of the fleece are usually black, but they can also be brownish or a lighter color called lilac. The Jacob is a multi-horned or “polycerate” breed. The sheep were first imported to America in the mid 1900’s and have been fairly popular in the states since.

Contact us for special corporate and group rates. We can provide transportation to and from the San Antonio International Airport or Kerrville Municipal Airport. We can also provide game transport to the Taxidermist and meat processor.
How to Book Your Hunt:
Option #1 (no fee): Call or text us at 512-846-3395 to set your dates and we can arrange for the deposit to be made via check, or sent through Zelle, Venmo, or Cash App.
Option #2 (fee): Click “Add to Cart” and complete the checkout process. Whenever your payment is received, we will reach out via call, text, and email to set your dates.
A valid Texas Hunting License is required. It will include the necessary tags. They can be purchased online directly from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department’s website using the following link: